Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day 1 - The Start of the Trip

Friday, October 18

Lisa and I were married in June, but we waited until October to take a honeymoon. We chose to do a VBT biking trip to Sicily. We started our adventure after work on Friday.

The top on Lisa's car needed repaired, so we dropped it off to be fixed while we were away. Then we headed to Stewarts (in Caldwell, where the Bent Fork used to be) for beer and appetizers before going to the choir concert at 7:30 at the college.

After the concert, which was thankfully short and quite good, we drove to Boise to Bardenays for dinner and drinks. Sean (one of Lisa's senior students) and his cousin Anika joined us, and after some nice conversation and a few beers, we went to the Holiday Inn by the Boise Airport to spend the night. Our flight out is early in the morning.

Throughout this blog, all the pictures can be clicked on to see more detail. Some are quite good, some are panoramas that look best when enlarged. Some are just crap, but there you go.

Also, references to GOD mean "Gelato Of the Day". 

Day 2