Day 2 - The Journey Begins

Saturday, October 19

We were up at 4 am, got packed in a hurry, then caught the shuttle bus at 5 am from the hotel lobby to the airport. Our first flight was at 6 am, Boise to Denver, which is where we start the VBT planned portion of the trip. VBT can't schedule from Boise for some reason, although the United ticket agent at the airport was able to check our bags all the way to Palermo, Sicily.

We arrived in Denver at 7:30 am, and had a 4 hour layover. We had scheduled the Boise-Denver leg ourselves based on the original itinerary from VBT, but VBT changed the schedule due to a possible strike somewhere. We weren't able to change our early flight out of Boise, but fortunately, we were still able to get seats together throughout the trip over.

We caught the Delta flight from Denver to JFK at 11:20 am. The in-flight movie was the Awakening, which was a decent and slightly scary movie appropriate for the Halloween season.

We arrived at JFK at 5 pm and had dinner at the Blue Smoke restaurant in the airport. Beers, of course. We were talking with a woman who recommended the Shiner Bock, so we had that as our second round. Pretty good beer.

At the Blue Smoke at JFK

At the Blue Smoke at JFK
 At 7:20 pm, we boarded the flight from JFK to Rome. We were able to upgrade our seats to "Economy Plus" which means we had a little more leg room, plus the seats were on the bulkhead, so there wasn't anyone in front of us to lay their seat in our laps. Free drinks for the duration of the trip! We watched a lot of movies and napped off and on. It's a 10 hour flight. Ugh.

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