Day 9 - Ognina, Plemmirio & Ciane River - the last ride

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Breakfast at the hotel was pretty good.

Dog biscuits? No way!

Cappuchino and bacon, what could be better?

The bike briefing was in a cabana by the pool.

Kam, Angelo, Sandro, Barbara

Today's ride: 41.3 km or 66.6 km
"This morning we cycle again toward the sea and beaches, on quiet flat country roads. We ride along the rocky coast until we get to some of the most popular beaches south of Syracuse, Ognina and Arenella. Our loop continues following a coastal scenic route along the Bay of Syracuse, the perfect way to end the week. On the way back to the hotel, you will ride along the Ciane River, where the Egyptian papyrus grows."

We took our suits, but there really wasn't any place to get in the water.

It was a rocky coast

We took the additional side trip to ride out to this lighthouse. Somehow we were leading the pack again today.

Rest top at Il Pepe

We stopped here for lunch

"Picnic Lunch on the Bay of Syracuse -- After an enjoyable ride we will stop on the estate of Guisi, the owner of Hotel Borgo Pantano: a small but very scenic spot overlooking the Bay of Syracuse, where you can relax on beach chairs facing an amazing panorama. In the meantime, our tour leaders will prepare an excellent picnic with local specialties."

Syracuse across the bay

We took it easy at lunch and didn't over eat or drink a lot of wine since we wanted to do the afternoon ride. We headed back to Il Pepe for gelato, then headed back on the road to the hotel. There was some very interesting vegetation on the way.

Nasty thorn bushes

Look at the size of those things!

While waiting at a railroad crossing, we noticed we were waiting under a pomegranite tree.

Then another nice afternoon relaxing at the pool. Most of the rest of the group was there, I think Pete was the only one who got his money's worth and rode the long route in the afternoon. On the other hand, I'd rather put my money into a couple of beers by the pool.

Today is when we part company with our bikes and our guides, so Sandro and Angelo joined us for a fairwell dinner at the hotel. Prior to dinner, Elisa Ottaviano met the group in the game room at the hotel and did a great presentation on the history and sights in Syracuse. Pete and Joyce arranged with her to do a walking tour the next day, which we joined. "Architectonical" and "millinary" were two interesting words she used. I thought they were mis-translations from Italian, but no.

Lisa, Cynda, Barb, Joyce

Lava cake and pistacchio gelato



The Syracuse girls did a song and dance on the outside patio, and with that, Sandro and Angelo left.

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